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Saskatoon Coffee - YXE Coffee Club is the go to resource for anyone looking for the latest and greatest cafes in Saskatoon and area. We aim to grow coffee culture and the love of coffee in Saskatoon and area!

If you want instant coffee, you’ll have to wait.
— Overheard in a coffeehouse

The following are some of the top notch cafes that Saskatoon has to offer. If any of your favourite spots are missing from our list, let us know. We'll check it out, and hopefully it will make the cut :P

Broadway Roastery

Known fondly as 'the hipster hangout' at the end of Broadway, this is one of the best known locally owned cafes in the city. If you are a looking to people watch, this is the place to go. Sitting out front of the Broadway location to watch the passersby once a summer is a must! Their roast is extremely dark , so be prepared!

Broadway location

Of the two spots, this is our favourite. Ideally located near Saskatoon's downtown, the Meewasin trail, and  best of all, on Broadway, this location offers great seating and a wide variety of drinks. Often filled to capacity, this cafe is a great study spot or meeting place.

8th Street location

Being a hip cafe in a commercial area of town is a hard draw. If you're looking for the sunniest cafe patio in the city, the Roastery on 8th might have it . Despite its location on a busy street, their patio is a great place to enjoy an iced americano (and get some work done) on hot summer afternoon. This location tends to be less busy than the Broadway location, but still attracts groups of people either to collaborate on projects or work on assignments. This is the type of activity we enjoy seeing in cafes the most!

Cafe Noir Espresso Bar

Located in the King George building on 2nd Ave, Cafe Noir brings a much needed cafe to Saskatoon's north downtown. Having just opened at the beginning of February 2013, we're excited to see what this cafe will bring to the coffee scene in Saskatoon. From a coffee education perspective, this is one of the few cafes we've seen advertising coffee brewed in a chemex. Looks like this cafe will be teaching the citizens of Saskatoon several new methods of preparing their coffee. To our knowledge, this is the only cafe serving 15 Kilo (by Phil and Sebastian). Find them on facebook or twitter

Citizen Cafe and Bakery

Christie's Il Secondo

In addition to baking some of the city's finest bread, Il Secondo is a noteworthy Italian style cafe and bakery located just off Broadway. At a minimum, stop in to try their paninis and/or pizza. Both are fantastic! Note that they are not open on Sundays. 

City Perks 

Located in the heart of City Park (and walking distance from the river), is City Perks, one of the few historic cafe/diners left in the city. This cafe exemplifies the pedestrian and community minded urban planning that took place in the early 1900's-pre WWII. The location of this cafe is in walking/biking proximity to almost everyone in the City Park neighbourhood, and this is one of our favourite thing about it. 

City Perks has recently undergone major renovations and is now re-open. In addition to looking amazing, they now serve coffee from 49th Parallel Roasters! Well worth a visit!


Collective Coffee

Located near the entrance to Riversdale, Collective Coffee brings together coffee fanatics from all walks of life. Collective has inspired people who may not have otherwise ventured down 20th Street, to get past their inhibitions and get that brew. As a result, 20th Street has begun a rejuvenation. We hope it stays this way!

Collective shares its home with The Two Twenty, a co-working space whose clientele  include "social entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and creative industries defining Saskatoon's urban and cultural scene". It's an excellent place, and whether or not you fall into any of these categories, we strongly encourage you to stop by!

Follow them here.


Museo Espresso Bar

If being one of the closest cafes (if not the closest), to the South Saskatchwan River isn't enough, Museo is also home to (what many agree to be) the best locally roasted coffee in Saskatoon. It's evident upon stepping inside that head barista/owner Jimmy O. has trained his award winning staff well; making Museo a cafe that you don't want to miss!  

With an east-facing patio, that overlooks the river, make it your priority to make it down early in the morning (they open at 9!) at least once this summer. It's an experience you won't regret!

Get in touch with them here.


Root Down Worker's Cooperative Cafe

 A project initiated by Turning the Tide, Root Down Worker's Cooperative Cafe is located in the Ideas Inc. building near the Farmer's market. The uniqueness of this cafe is the cooperative format; workers are also owners. We weren't blown away by the coffee, but the food is highly recommended.

Brewing beans from Leven's  (a local roaster also in Ideas Inc.), we hope that over the course of time staff is educated about the coffee they are serving! If you are stopping by the Farmer's Market on a Wednesday or Saturday, check it out and let us know what you think! 



Similar (in era) to City Perk is Tastebuds (drive by both, and you'll see what we mean). While we didn't find the coffee was anything to write home about, if you're in the area, or live nearby, we encourage you to stop by for a drink on their wonderful patio!


The Underground Cafe

Bringing coffee fanatics even further down 20th Street than they ever thought they would venture, is The Underground Cafe which just opened up shop on June 25th of this year. Despite being hypocrites (the cafe is actually above ground), this cafe boasts a beautiful garden patio, spacious interior (for those that find Collective to cramped) and shares its space with Beaumont Film & Record (the city's newest record store). There's actually a story behind the name, so make sure you ask!

They're currently brewing and selling Transcend (Edmonton) and now serve tasty sandwiches!