YXE Coffee Club

Saskatoon Coffee - YXE Coffee Club is the go to resource for anyone looking for the latest and greatest cafes in Saskatoon and area. We aim to grow coffee culture and the love of coffee in Saskatoon and area!

What got you interested in coffee?

Being a typical university student, I like many others before me, inevitably gave in to caffeine in my second year. I admit, at first I hated the bitter black liquid, and could only handle the high calorie "double-double" (today's has about 230 cal). This became my daily drink for the next two years.

In my fourth year of university, the stars aligned. I realized that one of my friends owned a cafe (Museo Espresso Bar), and I was enrolled in a geography class that focused on urban design, people and pedestrian friendly cities.

Our professor argued (and I agree) that some of the "best" urban centers in the world are filled with many small (often outdoor) cafes. The result of all these cafes is the gathering of people; alone or in groups to participate in discussion, collaboration, or simply just to 'people watch'. 

It was my love for good urban design, and the hope for a more pedestrian/cyclist/people friendly Saskatoon that sparked my love for coffee culture, and it hasn't slowed down yet! 

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