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Coffee adventure in the 'burbs

My office just moved to the suburbs. "Suburb", defined by a coffee addict would be: the most challenging place in a city to find quality coffee

Since the move, my co-workers have proudly been taking turns making pre-ground drip coffee at break time. This office collaboration and team-bonding is actually quite awesome to see! It's times like these that I feel bad being a coffee snob. 

Because I bring French press coffee with me to the office daily, I didn't think the suburb coffee challenge would be a huge concern. However, when my craving hit this afternoon, the issue escalated exponentially. 

As luck would have it, I came across a tweet from Hot Racks Bakery this morning, encouraging people to "stop in for some coffee and say hi".  That was all the inspiration I required. I decided to use my afternoon break to head out on the sidewalk-less streets, and try this place out. 

If you happen to find yourself in the 'burbs, I'd recommend checking the place out. If not for the coffee, for the wonderful smelling bread!

It's hard to find sidewalks in the suburbs

Hot Rack's seems to be the only place to stop for coffee in Stonebridge.

Desolation makes a decent cup of coffee more enjoyable

No tenants means no sidewalk cleaning.