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Saskatoon Coffee - YXE Coffee Club is the go to resource for anyone looking for the latest and greatest cafes in Saskatoon and area. We aim to grow coffee culture and the love of coffee in Saskatoon and area!

National Coffee Day 2013

September 29, marks National Coffee Day in a few countries around the world. It's a day where we celebrate our favourite drink, as well as bring awareness to the benefits of fair trade coffee and the struggles that coffee growers go through to produce the beans that sit in your grinder! Hope you all were able to get out to a local cafe today to celebrate. Cheers!

The latte in the photo below was taken at Koko Coffee & Design in Amsterdam this summer!

Happy National Coffee Day!

Cold Brew Coffee With BS' in the Kitchen

Happy Canada Day Everyone! Finally, Saskatoon is experiencing warm weather! If you're at the lake, backyard pool or enjoying the sun somewhere else, we have a solution to keep you cool and caffeinated!

BS' in the Kitchen is a young brother and sister team from Saskatoon that shares tasty recipes on their site, with incredible pictures and how-to videos; perfect for young adults recently living on their own.

We've wanted to share this BS' In The Kitchen's Cold Brew Coffee recipe and video for quite some time. Now that it's officially summer, check it out and share with your friend!

Our attempt at BS' in the Kitchen's Cold Brew Coffee

Our attempt at BS' in the Kitchen's Cold Brew Coffee


Today marks the one year anniversary of the date we began promoting coffee and coffee culture!  

It's been a wild year of americanos, lattes, mochas, cortados, French press, pour-overs, chemex, drip coffee and more!

Thank-you to everyone for your love and support. We're excited for the continued  growth and awareness of the coffee scene in the next year.  

Celebrate today, and this weekend by enjoying a drink at a locally owned cafe! 


YXE Coffee Club

Birthday latte and a espresso brownie!

Coffee adventure in the 'burbs

My office just moved to the suburbs. "Suburb", defined by a coffee addict would be: the most challenging place in a city to find quality coffee

Since the move, my co-workers have proudly been taking turns making pre-ground drip coffee at break time. This office collaboration and team-bonding is actually quite awesome to see! It's times like these that I feel bad being a coffee snob. 

Because I bring French press coffee with me to the office daily, I didn't think the suburb coffee challenge would be a huge concern. However, when my craving hit this afternoon, the issue escalated exponentially. 

As luck would have it, I came across a tweet from Hot Racks Bakery this morning, encouraging people to "stop in for some coffee and say hi".  That was all the inspiration I required. I decided to use my afternoon break to head out on the sidewalk-less streets, and try this place out. 

If you happen to find yourself in the 'burbs, I'd recommend checking the place out. If not for the coffee, for the wonderful smelling bread!

It's hard to find sidewalks in the suburbs

Hot Rack's seems to be the only place to stop for coffee in Stonebridge.

Desolation makes a decent cup of coffee more enjoyable

No tenants means no sidewalk cleaning.

Museo No. 2

Much anticipated, and certainly worth the wait, Museo Coffee has opened the doors of its second location (730 Broadway Ave). Once the space of Bike Universe, extensive renovations have transformed the shop into Saskatoon's newest cafe: Museo Broadway.

Museo Broadway has the look and feel of a 50s, modern and European cafe, combined together with some unique personal touches. One of the highlights is the tin ceiling which came from an old schoolhouse owner Jimmy Oneschuk's grandfather bought and turned into a garage. This was the perfect place to recycle it, and it looks fabulous!

The back quarter of the cafe is the new home of Museo Roasters where you may happen to catch Oneschuk hard at work, the aromas tempting you to take home a bag (or two) of superbly roasted beans.

So next time you're strolling down Broadway, stop in, grab a drink and pastry, then spread the word to your friends.

Keep an eye on their website for current and future hours.



We are excited to announce the upcoming debut of YXE COFEE MAGAZINE later this month! Whether you are a seasoned writer, or can barely spell your own name, we encourage you to submit coffee inspired articles. Rumour has it, if you submit an article, you will be entered to win a prize! Articles can be submitted to yxecoffeeclub at gmail dot com. Happy writing! 

Drink coffee. Get inspired. Share it with us!

Drink coffee. Get inspired. Share it with us!

What got you interested in coffee?

Being a typical university student, I like many before, inevitably gave in to caffeine in my second year. I admit, at first I hated the bitter black liquid, and could only handle the high calorie “double-double” (today’s has about 230 cal). This became my daily drink for the next two years.

In my fourth year of university, the stars aligned. I realized that one of my friends owned a cafe (Museo Espresso Bar), and I was enrolled in a geography class that focused on urban design, people and pedestrian friendly cities.

Our professor argued (and I agree) that some of the “best” urban centers in the world are filled with many small (often outdoor) cafes. The result of all these cafes is the gathering of people; alone or in groups to participate in discussion, collaboration, or simply just to ‘people watch’. 

It was my love for good urban design, and the hope for a more pedestrian/cyclist/people friendly Saskatoon that sparked my love for coffee culture, and it hasn’t slowed down yet! 

Share your stories here!